Published: December 2007/January 2008Best of Adventure 2008

Adventurers of the Year: They Did It!

National Geographic Adventure presents 15 remarkable people who dared to dream big in 2007.

Text by Daniel Duane, Cliff Ransom, and Ryan Bradley
Honored Adventurers
Andrea Palos + Gabor Rakonczai: Wave Runners
Colleen Hardy: Mortal Hero
Mike Fay: Wilderness Prospector
BÝrge Ousland + Thomas Ulrich: Polar Pioneers
Angelika Brandt: Sea Scout
Sarah + Eric McNair-Landry: Arctic Royalty
Tim Cope: Horse Whisperer
Trip Jennings: Whitewater Visionary
Steve Bogaerts, Robbie Schmittner, Sam Meacham: Cave Champs

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