Map: Gustave map
Gustave, the Killer Crocodile
February 2008
Time Line 1998 to 2007

1998 > Self-taught naturalist Patrice Faye hears of a massive crocodile rumored to have killed hundreds of Burundians and decides to hunt it.

1999 > Faye spots a huge croc in Rusizi National Park, identifies it as his quarry, and names it Gustave. He vows to capture it alive.

2004 > After an especially bloody spring, Adventure writer Michael McRae looks for Gustave with Faye, but the croc eludes them.

2006 > Despite one attack attributed by witnesses to Gustave, there have been no verified sightings in almost two years.

2007 > A giant croc with telltale scars kills a fisherman in Ruziba. Months later Faye positively IDs Gustave in the park.