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A: Were you, Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas able to work any green themes into the new Indiana Jones film?

HF: No, no, we just stuck to running, jumping, and falling down [laughs]. The only tangential thing is an interest in ancient cultures. These are fantasies—they don't really deal with real life issues in that way. There have been a lot of people involved in trying to use film to influence people in a positive way, dispose them toward protection of the environment. And I think that's all useful, but I think that people can become inured to it. There are all kinds of movies and all kinds of moviegoers. So it's not a monolithic audience any longer. It takes enormous skill to develop a cogent argument in an atmosphere of entertainment.

A: Some years ago you said, "The last thing we need is another 100,000 people running around endangered places in Michael Jackson T-shirts." Tourism is now arguably the largest industry on the planet—far larger than Hollywood. Do you think it can be harnessed as an eco-opportunity?

HF: Well, I still have trepidation about bringing all these people to untrammeled wilderness. But it's proven to be an educational tool that's affected the people who've made those trips. They come away as more critical partners in conservation. My concern wasn't the tourists in Michael Jackson T-shirts, but the indigenous people who would end up wearing them.

A: You've visited some untrodden places with CI over the years. Any recent trips that really affected you?

HF: I went down to Venezuela and ended up renting a helicopter and flew with my sons to the tops of the tepuis, these freestanding jungle mesas, "lost worlds" as it were. In fact, it's almost impossible to access them without one. So we were able to land and spend some time there. We were trapped for about six hours by clouds that came in. Unbelievable. Spectacular environments. Very likely places where no other person had ever set foot before.

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