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A: Your life list of places to see must be getting shorter.

HF: Oh, my God, the list is extraordinarily long. I'm desperate to get out there. I want to go back to the Pantanal in Brazil, I've never been to sub-Saharan Africa. I'd like to take my Caravan over there and do a flying safari. I've never flown to Alaska. It goes on and on.

A: You own two hybrid cars. But it sounds like you prefer going airborne.

HF: Basically. I fly myself everywhere. I like all kinds of flying, including practical flying for search and rescue. And I also like to fly into the backcountry, usually the Frank Church Wilderness in Idaho. I go with a group of friends, and we set up camp for about five days and explore little dirt strips and canyons.

A: The word around Jackson is that if you get stranded in the Teton Wilderness, Harrison Ford might airlift you out.

HF: There are 250 other people up there who train for search and rescue and devote much more of their lives to it than I do. I help sometimes if I'm called in. But when I rescue someone, two days later they appear on Good Morning America, and it seems like I was the only one involved, which isn't the case.

A: Is it true you were once in a helicopter crash?

HF: Worse than that: I was driving.

A: How bad was it?

HF: Well, there was a mechanical failure while we were practicing power recovery autorotations. It was more or less a hard landing. Luckily, I was with another aviation professional and neither of us was hurt—and both of us are still flying.

A: How'd the helicopter make out?

HF: It wasn't quite intact.

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