Photo: Dashboard
Photograph courtesy of Linear Logic
Hypermiling Made Easy
By Andy Isaacson
September 2008
The six secrets of fuel efficiency

- Install a scan gauge for real-time gas mileage feedback ($170;

- Increase your tire pressure to maximum psi to reduce rubber/road friction.

- Remove unnecessary gear racks to improve aerodynamic efficiency.

- Accelerate slowly and steadily and minimize braking. Anticipate slowdowns and build in buffer zones with other cars.

- Drive in the low-pressure wake created by passing vehicles.

- Lay off the gas on steep descents and let gravity do the work. On flat highways, set your cruise control to ten mph below the speed limit.

Green Machines

Turn your backyard into a gas station. In May E-Fuel unveiled the first all-in-one home ethanol production system. Each refrigerator-size distillery unit converts sugar, yeast, and water into ethanol for under a dollar a gallon ($9,995;