Published: September 2008World Class: Lodges + Escapes
New Brunswick

Tidal Wave: New Brunswick

Harvest season in Greece; Costa Rica's premier rafting outpost; New Brunswick's days in the sun.

Text by Global Travel Editor Costas Christ
Photograph Courtesy of Harry Chancey
New Brunswick
Humpbacks and high water

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Weather is a wild card in Canada’s Maritimes, a jumble of rugged islands, rocky coves, and rustic villages on the New Brunswick coast. But starting in mid-August, the season reaches perfection—six weeks of warm days, cool nights, clear skies, and few bugs. From a private balcony at Kingsbrae Arms, a ten-room estate in St. Andrews by-the-Sea, sip cappuccinos and watch the Bay of Fundy’s world-record tides roll in ($591, including breakfast and dinner; kingsbrae.com). Fundy is famous for its tidal bores, waves that can surge for miles upriver. Witness this phenomenon in nearby Fundy National Park ($8 entry fee; pc.gc.ca). Or, after a day of whale-watching by kayak (it’s prime migration time for humpbacks), dine on Chef Marc Latulippe’s signature six-course “Lobster All Ways” paired with vintages from Kingsbrae’s 3,500-bottle wine cellar.

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