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One of the fugitives got out of the tanker and approached Ibarra with his rifle aimed and cocked. He told him that he was not going to hurt him, he just wanted to take his flatbed. A shaken Ibarra handed him the keys.

Abandoning the water truck, the fugitives transferred guns and backpacks to the flatbed and headed out of the driveway, back onto County Road 25. Less than ten minutes had passed since the killing. One man was now driving, one rode shotgun, and the third stood in the flatbed with two rifles ready to fire.

A few minutes earlier, Montezuma County sheriff's deputy Jason Bishop had trundled slowly down 25 toward the dump, on the off chance that "the bad guys" (an epithet that would soon become synonymous with "the fugitives") were in the vicinity. Bishop had failed to notice the fresh skid marks leading into the Williamses' driveway. Short of the dump, he turned around, started back west, and passed the driveway once more. Seconds later, the stolen flatbed turned onto 25 behind him.

Bishop had time only to glimpse the fugitives in his rearview mirror before his back window exploded. A bullet caught him in the head. Bishop continued speaking on the radio, but lost control of his car, which glided off the road and crashed into a shed. The bullet wound proved nonfatal, but Bishop would remember nothing more until he woke up in the hospital.

By now the authorities had gotten a fix on the bad guys. Approaching from the north, Cortez deputy Todd Martin pulled his unmarked black Jeep off the left side of County Road 25, then crouched behind it, shotgun in hand. It was a textbook tactical ambush. The flatbed appeared out of nowhere, screaming along at 60 miles an hour. The gunman in back pelted the Jeep with automatic weapons fire. Martin never fired a shot, and as the flatbed passed north, his Jeep no longer served as a safety shield. Whirling in the back of the flatbed, the shooter unloaded another series of shots. A bullet slammed into Martin's biceps, shattering his left arm. The deputy collapsed beside his car. Only the timely arrival of a colleague, who applied direct pressure to the wound, kept Martin from bleeding to death.

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