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5. Ice Watchman
Climate change is generally something you hear about, not something you see. But in 2010 that will all change. That’s the completion date of photographer James Balog’s Extreme Ice Survey ( Fusing science, art, and adventure, Balog and his team schlepped 27 specially designed time-lapse cameras to remote glaciers (sometimes to spots where no human had set foot before) in Greenland, Iceland, British Columbia, Alaska, and Montana’s Glacier National Park to capture climate change where it’s most visible. The cameras, which snap one photo per daylight hour, started shooting in 2007. Already they’ve captured what could be the largest ice calving event ever recorded (imagine skyscraper-size blocks tumbling like dominoes) and dramatic glacial recessions. For any out there still not convinced, seeing will be believing.

6. Walking Safari
A simple truth: Migratory animals should be able to migrate. Yet across the nation increasing numbers of grizzlies, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, raptors, and many other species are being squeezed into downsized habitats. That’s where Freedom to Roam comes in ( The nonprofit looks at the needs of megafauna outside the confines of parks and preserves and aims to establish protected corridors for migration. Wildlife corridors are not a new concept, but they haven’t been particularly successful either. By bringing together an unprecedented number of local and national conservation groups, biologists, government agencies, hunting advocates, and industry sponsors, Freedom to Roam hopes to change that and finally protect the nation’s major migration routes. "If we don’t do this work immediately," says Jason Kibbey, director of Freedom to Roam, "we will lose many of these species in 40 or 50 years."

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