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50 Top Ecolodges: The Most Earth-Friendly Retreats in the World’s Most Spectacular Wilds
A decade ago, you could count the number of true ecolodges in the world on two hands. But today we are witnessing one of the most significant transformations in the history of modern travel. And ecolodges are at the center of this movement. Once located exclusively in the African bush and Central American jungles, these retreats now span nearly every ecosystem and every budget—and their mission has never been more vital. Sure, they offer great service and comfort in spectacular locations, but they also support local communities, connect their guests to cultures on an authentic level, create impactful conservation initiatives, and increasingly place adventure at the center of the experience. Here we present the most comprehensive ecolodge survey ever assembled, representing diverse landscapes and locales. Click on the dots below to find your green adventure. Text by Global Travel Editor Costas Christ and Kate Siber
Key: Purple - Mountain; Green - Jungle; Brown - Desert; Blue - Island; Yellow - Savanna