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The Amazing Megafauna Race
Most guides in India take the path of least resistance, visiting big (and often ecologically threatened) national parks where the logistics are straightforward. But not Wild Planet Adventures. If India’s largest rhino population migrates to a region so remote it requires an extra flight, WPA charters a plane. If finding those rhinos means riding elephants into Himalayan foothills, WPA hires mahouts. "We’re known for creative logistics to get clients to animals at the right times and the right places," says company president Josh Cohen. To that end, WPA is constantly modifying itineraries based on the most up-to-date animal sightings, forming partnerships with local wildlife experts, and spearheading animal conservation efforts. The payoff is a dizzyingly exotic safari, beginning in Siana with a camelback excursion among one of India’s largest leopard populations (bonus sightings include Indian striped hyenas, chinkara gazelles, jungle cats, and blue bull antelopes). The journey continues into Assam, on the border of Bhutan, for rhino tracking and a unique riverboat safari in Nameri National Park. On the river, animal encounters are guaranteed: Thirsty tigers, elephants, clouded leopards, Indian bison, pangolins (giant anteaters), civet cats, and capped langurs (tree-dwelling primates) congregate at water’s edge.

Outfitter: Wild Planet Adventures;
Price: $4,500
Length: 13 days
Departs: November–May

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