Published: November 2008Best New Adventure Travel Trips 2009: Latin America
Illustration: 25 Best New Trips

Best New Adventure Travel Trips: Latin America

The 25 best new trips in the world.

Text by Claire Martin
Kayak Lodge-to-Lodge in Paradise
Island Expeditions is reinventing the classic Belize kayaking trip, plying new waters in new boats, and adding a cushy twist: lodges. Set in the 117,875-acre Southwater Caye Marine Park, the five-day island hop begins with lessons on IE’s Belize-specific watercraft—sea kayaks fitted with masts and sails for the Caribbean’s consistent northeasterlies. "We can cover more distance and have more fun zigzagging around," says IE owner Tim Boys. "There’s a risk of capsizing, but the water’s 80 degrees." After an endo, grab a snorkel and scope out eagle and manta rays and nurse sharks. In this little-visited area, you’ll get the rare chance to dive three different reef types: barrier (huge walls of coral), fringe (rings of coral), and patch (smaller sections in shallow water). The lodges are locally owned and strategically located—often stilted above the water—serving local delicacies like barbecued barracuda.

Outfitter: Island Expeditions; islandexpeditions.com
Price: $1,589
Length: 5 days
Departs: December–April

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