Published: December 2008/January 2009The Life: Nicholas Kristof
Photo: Nicholas Kristof

Nicholas Kristof: To the Ends of the Earth

From the front lines of Afghanistan to the jungles of Cambodia, Nicholas Kristof goes the distance for the dirt.

Text by Paul Kvinta
Photograph Courtesy of Nicholas Kristof

Nicholas Kristof figures he can do the most good in places other journalists typically avoid, far-flung spots like Darfur, western China, and the islands of Vanuatu, writing about topics—genocide, sex trafficking, acute poverty—most would sooner ignore. But it’s how he gets there that really sets this Pulitzer Prize–winning New York Times columnist apart: Kristof has mastered the art of no-frills, down and dirty travel—across 140 countries and six continents—which means lots of sneaking across borders and negotiating with unsmiling armed men. ADVENTURE caught up with him just after he’d returned from China, where he spent his time slipping into Tibet to report on human rights abuses.

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