Published: February 2009Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth

The Adventure Ratings 2009: Top Results

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By Costas Christ and Claire Martin

Operate on at least three continents and offer a wide range of outdoor adventure activities.

Wildland Adventures 97.17
Mountain Travel Sobek 96.66
GAP Adventures 96.66
Wilderness Travel 96.23
JOURNEYS International 95.1
Natural Habitat Adventures 94.77
REI Adventures 93.93
Wild Frontiers Adventures 92.7
International Expeditions 92.6
Myths and Mountains 91.65

Operate on multiple continents and specialize in trekking.

Sierra Club Outings 96.73
KE Adventure Travel 94.8
Country Walkers 93.43
Off the Beaten Path 93
Scott Walking Adventures 92.63
Boundless Journeys 92.37
Classic Journeys 91.7
The Wayfarers 91.43
Ryder-Walker Alpine Adventures 91.05
Peregrine Adventures 88.2

Operate on multiple continents and specialize in flat- and whitewater padding.

O.A.R.S. 96.1
ROW Adventures 93.8
Bio Bio Expeditions 92.07
Explorers' Corner 91.3
H2Outfitters 91.07

Operate on multiple continents and deliver adventures with first-class services and amenities.

andBeyond 95.57
Butterfield and Robinson 94.3
Austin-Lehman Adventures 94.23
Geographic Expeditions 93.65
Kensington Tours 93.57
Artisans of Leisure 92.8
Ker and Downey 92.57
Big Five Tours and Expeditions 91.2
Abercrombie and Kent 91.13
Cox and Kings 91

Operate in multiple countries and specialize in road cycling and/or mountain biking.

Backroads 93.7
VBT Bicycling Vacations 92.47
Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Holidays 92.17
BikeHike Adventures 91.17
Western Spirit Cycling Adventures 91.07
Trek Travel 90.3
DuVine Adventures 90.23
Ciclismo Classico 89.77
Aegea Adventures 89.5
Pedalers Pub and Grille 89.37


Family Travel: Thomsan Family Adventures 93.9
Small-Ship Expeditions: Lindblad Expeditions 95
Frontier Adventure Cruises: Zegrahm and Eco Expeditions 95
Voluntourism: EarthWatch Institute 94.4
Heli-Adventures: Canadian Mountain Holidays 94

Operate in one or more African countries and specialize in wildlife viewing excursions.

Mark Thornton Safaris 98.7
Africa Adventure Consultants 95.3
Thomson Safaris 93.8
Micato Safaris 93.43
Gamewatchers Safaris 92.53
Deeper Africa 92.4
Volcanoes Safaris 91.65
African Portfolio 91.5
The Africa Adventure Company 90.7
Africa Dream Safaris 90.5


Mongolia: Nomadic Expeditions 95.07
Scotland: Wilderness Scotland 94.9
Fiji: Tui Tai Adventure Cruises 92.5
India: Ibex Expeditions 93.8
China: WildChina 92.83
Costa Rica: Serendipity Adventures 93.9
Australia: Outback Encounters 90.2


Multisport: Alaska Alpine Adventures 94.37
Trekking: Far Out Expeditions 89.4
Mountaineering: Exum Mountain Guides 92.9
Rafting: Esprit Whitewater Adventures 94.5
Biking: Escape Adventures 91.2

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