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2. Minnesota
Find Comfort in the Great White Wilderness

Boundary Waters is utterly remote in look and feel (hear those wolves howling?), but it’s also home to one of the most established hut-to-huts in the country—the 20-mile Banadad Trail and its 132-mile network of interconnecting routes, with enough yurts to create almost endless combos for multiday tours. Start with a classic: Access the Banadad at its westernmost trailhead and ski eight miles east to the insulated Croft Yurt and Olga Hut, set side-by-side on a ridgeline above Bedew Lake. The breeze will be at your back (no small thing in the world of windchill) as you ski through aspen and pine forests. Your Boundary Country Trekking hosts, who have snowmobiled your luggage in, meet you at your yurt with a fire blazing and a bottle of wine uncorked, then leave you alone to enjoy a star-filled night.

Vitals: Boundary Country Trekking coordinates two-night trips ($340 per person, all inclusive;

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