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3. California
Meet Yosemite’s Quieter Side

The winter vista from Glacier Point—across the valley to El Capitan, Half Dome, and the Sierra summits beyond—is where John Muir chose to extol the glories of Yosemite to Theodore Roosevelt on a snow-dusted campout in 1903. In the summer months, the sublime view is marred by mobs of drive-by gawkers. But in winter, the road between Badger Pass and Glacier Point belongs to Nordic skiers. The ten-mile groomed trail follows a gentle gradient to the Glacier Point Ski Hut, where hosts serve up carb-rich buffets. But the real reward is that end-of-the-road, king-of-the-world view—and with a little legwork, it’s all yours.

Vitals: Outfitted two-day trips are $192, including gear and meals, while self-guided two-day treks run $110, including meals (

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