Instant Ironman: How to Get More Out of Doing Less
March 2009
Phase 1
Follow this plan for six weeks to establish a solid fitness base.

Sunday: Cycle at an easy, steady pace for three hours. No need for high intensity; duration is the main goal.
Monday: Jog for 30 to 60 minutes.
Tuesday: Rest.
Wednesday: Paddle a kayak or canoe at an easy, steady pace for two hours. (A rowing machine works too.)
Thursday: Cycle at a moderate pace for 60 minutes.
Friday: Run or paddle at a moderate pace for one to two hours.
Saturday: "Active recovery": Pick your favorite sport and exercise for one hour at a moderate intensity. (You should be able to talk easily.)

Phase 2
From here on out, you can invest a lot less time and stay in top shape.

Sunday: Cycle for one hour at the fastest pace you can sustain.
Monday: Run for an hour.
Tuesday: Active recovery (see Phase 1)
Wednesday: Paddle for an hour.
Thursday: Rest.
Friday: Speed workout: Sign up for a 10K running race or a two-hour mountain biking race—or hit the track with a competitive buddy for an hour of intervals. Building intensity is the main goal.
Saturday: Active recovery