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Freedom of Choice

The list of á la carte cross-training options is almost endless. But certain types of athletes tend to settle on certain groups of activities. A runner might mix Pilates and cycling with sprint workouts. A masters-level swimmer is likely to add a day or two of weight training to pool work. Nike-sponsored world champion adventure racer Monique Merrill, 39, prefers to schedule a few mini-workouts throughout the day. She works 45 hours a week at the natural foods store she owns in Breckenridge, Colorado, so to break up her workday, she’ll go for a trail run in the morning, a quick mountain bike ride at lunch, and then another run after work. "It’s what soothes me," she says. "It’s a great midday stress reliever, and I’m able to fit everything in." She saves her longer adventures for the weekend—often trekking in the mountains near her house—but the short stuff helps her just as much. "The attitude has definitely switched in the last year," says Chance Reading, a U.S. Adventure Racing Association director. "People are getting faster with shorter, harder workouts."

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