Published: March 2009Adventure Travel in Arizona
Southwest Arizona

The Next Southwest: Arizona

Moab gets a face-lift. The Grand Canyon shows off two secret falls. And the Colorado River makes room for untested paddlers. Presenting the 20 best adventures in the Four Corners, where everything old (even the ancient stuff) is new again.

Text by Kate Siber
Become a "Nativore"
Forget fry bread. The Tohono O’odham tribe near Tucson is taking back its traditional cuisine with the help of a community farm that grows amaranth, tepary beans, cholla buds, corn, and other indigenous plants. Even better, Loews Ventana Canyon Resort has developed a 90-minute cooking class that not only introduces students to the unusual (and highly nutritious) crops but shows them how to use the ingredients in a Western-influenced dish, such as prickly pear sorbet in cactus-seed cones ($50; loewshotels.com/ventanacanyon).

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