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4. Surfing

Andy Irons and Kelly Slater have been carrying the torch as surfing’s big rivalry since 2003, when the 31-year-old Slater was making a comeback, threatening the 25-year-old Iron’s post as the reigning world champ. And even after Iron’s slump last season, we still say surfing’s big rivalry is… Andy Irons and Kelly Slater. Yep, the boys still got it. Their much-hyped dislike for each other is one for the record books. Add to that the fact that a happy ending may be on the horizon: Just yesterday (March 15, 2009) Iron Brothers Productions released a new documentary called A Fly in the Champagne, capturing a two-week big-wave trip to Indonesia that Irons and Slater took—together! Willingly! Doubtful they actually kiss and make up, but this, we’ll need to see for ourselves. Here’s a preview.

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