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3. Gunya Titjikala
Go Local With the Pitjantjatjara

In Gunya Titjikala, a tiny (pop. 300) Aboriginal-owned resort town, homegrown delicacies like raw witchetty grubs and roasted kangaroo tail are likely to leave a memorable aftertaste. But it’s the elder Pitjantjatjara storytellers who leave an even longer lasting impression. Residents of this isolated village—75 miles south of Alice Springs—host guests overnight in five stilted safari tents (doubles from $860, two-night minimum, all-inclusive; On guided forays, trek to caches of ancient rock art and fossils, gather "bush tucker" (bush tomatoes, berries), and learn about Aboriginal Dreaming, a meditative relationship with the landscape, from tribal elder Philip Wilyuka. At night, sacred tales are told around an open fire under stars so bright they make the flames irrelevant.

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