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10. Update: Gustave, the Killer Crocodile

"Gustave’s exact victim count is unknown and unverifiable.... But in every cluster of attacks [that’s been] investigated, witnesses have described the same enormous croc with a distinctive scar on top of its head."—"Have You Seen This Croc?" by Michael McRae ADVENTURE March 2005

Gustave may be the only reptile with his own Wikipedia entry. At 20-plus feet and 2,000 pounds, Burundi’s killer croc has proved surprisingly elusive, and notorious—his tale is the most popular story ever posted on ADVENTURE’s website (read it here). And as of earlier this year, Gustave was still alive, at large, and adding to a victim list believed to be more than a hundred names long. At least one relatively recent death has been credibly pinned on the giant Nile crocodile, according to local naturalist Patrice Faye, who says Gustave was spotted not long ago in the waters of Burundi’s Lake Tanganyika. "He’s in excellent health," Faye reports. The estimated 65-year-old man-eater also achieved immortality on celluloid: In 2007 Gustave’s story inspired the big-screen horror film Primeval.

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