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7. Catching Up: Tanya Streeter Depth Charger

Following the historic week in 2001 when Tanya Streeter left the world gasping by setting two records (ADVENTURE September/October 2001), the diver with a six-minute breath-holding capacity continued to plunge deeper. In August 2002 she grasped a weighted sled and plummeted 525 feet in less than ten seconds. Returning to the surface without mechanical assistance three minutes and 26 seconds later, she attained the "no limits" world record, besting marks for both men and women and earning a spot on a Turks and Caicos postage stamp. She hosted a popular series of ocean-themed television specials, then retired to raise a family in 2006. "Being away from competition has made me realize that what I was really after was challenge," she says. "I have a six-month-old challenge on my hands right now."

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