Published: April/May 2009Ten Years of Adventure: The Afghanistan Decade
Photo: Afghanistan

The Afghanistan Decade

Sebastian Junger returns to the least hospitable—and most important—place on Earth.

Text by Christian DeBenedetti
Photographs by Reza/Webistan
"Massoud had been fighting for 21 years. In that context, the next six months didn’t matter—all that mattered was that the Afghan resistance survive long enough for the Taliban to implode."—"The Lion in Winter," by Sebastian Junger ADVENTURE March/April 2001

ADVENTURE has searched borderlands near Pakistan for Osama bin Laden and shadowed writer Rory Stewart’s efforts to preserve the culture of old Kabul. But the most popular—and in light of 9/11, prophetic—Afghanistan story we’ve published was Sebastian Junger’s profile of Ahmad Shah Massoud, the legendary Northern Alliance leader who was assassinated by al Qaeda just two days before the Twin Towers fell. Junger, who has frequently returned to Afghanistan, talks about how history might have run a different course had Massoud lived.

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