Lessons of the Lost Guru: Five Weird Facts I Learned From Mcfadden
April/May 2009
Don’t Spice It Up
Macfadden was strongly opposed to spices (including salt and pepper) because he felt they stimulated the appetite unnecessarily. He may have been right: On days I ate only very plain foods, I consumed about half of what I normally would.

Chew, Chew, Chew
If you want to eat less and eliminate most stomach maladies, chew your (preferably fibrous) food until it all but dissolves. My decade-old sour stomach disappeared when I began masticating my breakfast—including my coffee—each morning.

Get Milk
On days I consumed nothing but milk I felt sharper, more energetic, and surprisingly content not to be eating solids. If you drink it in the manner Macfadden demands (minuscule sips chewed repeatedly), a glass of the stuff can feel like a meal.

Be a Two-Timer
Three meals a day is one too many. For those people who wake with no appetite, Macfadden recommended a two-meal plan, essentially a brunch and an early bird dinner. If I ate to my heart’s content at 10:30 and 5:00, my total calories fell by 20 percent from a three-meal day.

Go the Distance
You can walk farther than you think. Walking was Macfadden’s favorite exercise, and no matter how out of shape you might be, his fitness plan is simple enough to start today: Walk until you are too tired to continue. Rest. Then walk some more.