Published: April 2009The ADVENTURE Top Ten: American Adventures

Top 10 American Adventures—in Video!

Text by Andrea Minarcek; Rankings by Robert Earle Howells, Jim Gorman, and the editors
Photograph by David Stubbs

For our 10th anniversary issue (April/May 2009, on newsstands now) we drew on a decade of experience to find the 50 best adventure trips—in our own spectacular backyard. Heli-skiing, surfing, climbing, pedaling, and paddling excursions across the country made the list, but these ten epic trips took top honors. Check out the videos—and start planning now for a summer staycation in the states!

10. Our Freshwater Ocean: Wreck-diving Lake Superior, Minnesota

The waters off of Grand Portage, Minnesota, near Isle Royale National Park, are packed with epic shipwrecks on par with anything you’d find out by Fiji. And they’re in far better shape: Saltwater sites are far more eroded, usually with coral and sponges littering their surface, while fresh-water wrecks stay pristine.

Need more inspiration? Experience a Lake Superior wreck-dive firsthand with this footage of a 2008 scuba trip to the Madeira site:

A Superior Dive (The Madeira "Wreckumentary") from Mark Parolini on Vimeo.
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