Published: April 2009The ADVENTURE Top 10: (Cute) Animal Videos

Spring Fever: Top 10 (Cute) Animal Videos

Text by Andrea Minarcek

We know. We know what you’re thinking: What in the heck do cutesy animal videos have to do with ADVENTURE? Well, in our defense, baby animals are synonymous with spring and they love the outdoors. That's just a fact. And after last week’s spring-fever-prompted Top 10 Nature Videos, we were flooded with too many too-great-to-resist animal videos and just had to give them a list of their own.

Still skeptical? Watch this first one, and we promise you’ll want to see more. Just try and resist the unbearable cuteness—it’s tougher than an Everest summit, we say. That’s right, Ed Viesturs.

10. This one needs no explanation beyond it’s YouTube title: “Otters holding hands.” For the love…

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