June/July 2009The Big Trip: Belize
Map: Belize

Even Better Belize

Summer in the tropics? Perfect—if you plan ahead.

Text by Costas Christ
Map by Joyce Pendola

Almost half of Belize is protected wilderness. Dense jungle, remote mountains, subterranean rivers, and hundreds of Maya ruins are still being mapped within its borders. But as Central America’s only English-speaking country and one of its smallest, Belize is also surprisingly easy to navigate on your own. Use the money you save on a tour operator to stay another week—you’ll want the extra time. Most Belize-bound travelers follow the winter escape route, but June offers an even better alternative. Prices are lower, and the sun-and-fun crowds have headed home, which means you’ll have the place almost all to yourself. The quickest path is a direct flight to Belize City. You can also fly to Cancún, then hop a six-hour bus to the border—and save $300 in the process.

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