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“D” is for dynamo: Some surprising benefits

· Adolescent girls with higher levels of vitamin D have stronger muscles and can jump higher than their peers, a University of Manchester study found.

· Adequate levels of vitamin D could significantly cut your risk of cancer, according to a Creighton University study.

· Vitamin D deficiency may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, a study by the American Heart Association concluded.

The Science of Sunbathing: Get all the Vitamin D you need with some well-timed summer sun

3 to 10 minutes of sun exposure with 40% of your skin bared, twice a week during the summer, is enough to get almost a year’s worth of D. (If you’re out any longer than that, apply sunscreen.)

The Greenscreen

Soléo Organics SPF 30+ protects skin without coral-reef-bleaching chemicals ($20 for 2.6 oz).

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