June/July 200910 Tips For Affordable Travel
Value Trips

More Adventure, Less Money

The crash changed everything—including the economics of adventure. Now it's easier than ever to set the price for the trip of a lifetime. But you've got to play it smart. Here's how.

Text by Kimberly Brown Sealy
Photograph by Joshua Scott

1. Go Farther Stay Longer

Extra-long trips don’t require extra-deep pockets—a handful of outfitters offer extended itineraries for surprisingly little. Intrepid Travel runs some 25 trips that last three weeks or more for less than $100 a day (intrepidtravel.com). You might take a four-week spin through Thailand ($1,937) or venture across India for 36 days ($1,995). “Overhead is the same to us whether you book a four- or 40-day trip,” says Intrepid co-founder Darrell Wade. “As a proportion of a longer trip those costs become less, so we just pass the savings on to you.” Staying low to the ground is also key. “Most companies see a three-hour bus ride as a downside,” says GAP Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip (gapadventures.com). “But we’ve always seen that as an opportunity.” He admits his adventures aren’t for everyone, but if you keep an open mind, “cost-effectiveness comes as an additional bonus.”


Lindblad Expeditions’14-Day British Isles Voyage
2008: $9,330
2009: $7,148

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