June/July 2009Travel Tech: Best iPhone Travel Apps

Readers' Choice Top 10 iPhone Travel Apps

We asked. You weighed in. Here are 10 reader-tested travel apps.

Last month West Coast Editor Steve Casimiro wrote about his 20 favorite iPhone travel apps. With more than 2,000 apps in the Apple App Store, that’s a lot of ground to cover—especially when each addition integrates GPS, 3G, photos, and video in new, smarter ways. So we asked you to chime in with any travel apps we may have missed. See our favorite reader-tested apps in the list below.

Topping the list is one standout. While dozens were of apps were nominated, only one inspired a chorus of devoted fans to write in—TripIt, a tool that organizes all of your travel itineraries (flight, hotel, car). One commenter, Ted, put it this way: “I travel constantly and the app I use most is not on your list.... [TripIt] is the best free travel utility there is.” We tried it; we're sold.

Many readers wanted to know (or gripe) about much it costs to get iPhone data service overseas, so we launched a full-on investigation into the dos and don'ts of international iPhone use. Find out smart ways to save cash while using your apps in “How to Use Your iPhone Travel Apps While Abroad."

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TripIt - Free

TripIt creates itineraries by having you simply e-mail the itinerary you receive from your booking site to plans@tripit.com. The iPhone app automatically holds your entire itinerary and will give you flight updates, confirmation numbers, etc. You can also share with friends.
Posted by: JSBULL


Unlike City Guides - $4.99

The Unlike City Guide app is great for finding hip spots in some select cities. I used it on my recent backpacking trip through Europe and was constantly surprising my group with places the locals hung out instead of the typical tourist traps.
Posted by: Travis Todd

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