Published: August/September 2009Survival Guides for the Unthinkable
Survival Guides
Text by Christian Camerota
Photograph Courtesy of HarperCollins

If You’re an Armchair Survivalist

Emergency: Short on practical tips but long on witty, irreverent anecdotes, Strauss’ work is an autobiographical narrative of his move from New York Times music critic to self-taught survivalist. It is perfect for someone who has grown tired of creature comforts and politics and seeks something more profound to be scared of and prepare for: like the apocalypse. There are occasional useful tips to survive in the wild, like the utility of not anthropomorphizing your prey before you slaughter it for protein. But, in the end, you will learn more about what drove Strauss to dual U.S.-St. Kitts citizenship than how to purify contaminated water. Pick your poison. (HarperCollins)

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