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OVER THE YEARS, I’ve run rivers all over the globe, from the Arctic to the Amazon to the Himalaya. I’ve noticed that every perfect river trip is marked by something guides call the “sweet spot.” It’s a point of harmonic balance that makes you want to freeze everything—the moving water, the drifting boats, the passage of time itself—thereby enabling you to hang suspended in that instant forever. It is the absolute heart of the experience, the moment you’ll flash back to for years.

As I sat in the grass next to the river finishing lunch and preparing to float down to the takeout ramp that would mark the end of the trip, I realized, with a sense of puzzlement, that there had been no such moment on the Rogue. Scrolling back through the past three days—the berry-eating bear, the gilded light, the glistening magic of the river itself—there didn’t seem to have been a single, shining experience that stood out as superior to the others.

Then it occurred to me: Perhaps this trip had no sweet spot because the river itself was the sweet spot. The realization seemed to defy one of the central tenets of a successful raft trip. I smiled. Could I expect anything less from the Rogue?

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