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Wonder Weeds
Herbs with Rx Power

+WILD MINT (Mentha arvensis):
Good for: Gingivitis, flatulence, and ulcers.
Availability: Easy to grow in the U.S. and, like all of these herbs, available at health food stores.

+SPLEENWORT (Asplenium nidus):
Good for: Gallstones and bronchial problems.
Availability: Buy a bird’s-nest fern as a houseplant and steep the leaves for tea.

+ROSEMARY (Rosmarinus officinalis):
Good for: Liver ailments; helps stave off Alzheimer’s.
Availability: Thrives across the U.S. Brew the leaves for tea (smells like evergreen).

+PURPLE SAGE (Salvia purpurascens):
Good for: Stomach-aches; enhances memory function.
Availability: Common across the western U.S.

+GREEN TEA (Camellia sinensis):
Good for: Cancer prevention.
Availability: Camellia sinensis leaves are hard to grow outside of the tropics. Hit up Starbucks.

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