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Eat Cart Food
One day when I was motorcycling through Sudan, for a treat I went to a hotel. Of course, it was the only time the food made me sick . . . for days. On the streets, with the locals, the food is fresher. It’s not just sitting out waiting to be eaten by guests—it’s cooked that day.

Leave Things to Chance
When I went from London to NYC, heading east by bike, we took a map, drew a line, and left it up to luck. We couldn’t have planned any better.

Take it Slow
One of my bugbears is rushing too much. On a bike trip across Africa there were churches in Ethiopia that were right off the road—but still difficult to get to—and we just didn’t have time. It leaves you something to go back to, I guess. Plus, Ethiopia was one of my favorite African countries.

Be not afraid
There’s a lot of fear and misinformation passed on for no reason about unsafe travel, especially about Africa. I’ve taken my young kids to the African plains and met such overwhelmingly helpful and genuine people. If you always heeded the fears of others, you’d never end up doing anything different.

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