Published: December 2009/January 2010Best of Adventure 2010

Adventurers of the Year: Advisory Board

We are grateful for the insights and recommendations we received from our advisory board of explorers, athletes, conservationists, and travelers to help identify our Adventurers of the Year. The members are listed below.

Conrad Anker, Alpinist

Richard Bangs, River Explorer/Founding Partner of Mountain Travel Sobek

Kraig Becker, Blogger - The Adventure Blog

Natalie Cash, Senior Producer at Wildlife Conservation Society

Jimmy Chin, Alpinist/Photographer

Costas Christ, Global Travel Editor at National Geographic Adventure

Wade Davis, Anthropologist/Ethnobotanist/Explorer-in-Residence at National Geographic

David de Rothschild, Ecoadventurer/Founder of Adventure Ecology

John Francis, Marine Biologist/Vice President for Research, Conservation, and Exploration at National Geographic

Will Gadd, Ice Climber/Paraglider

Alison Gannett, Extreme Skier/Environmental Advocate

Erika Harms, Executive Director, Sustainable Development Program at the United Nations Foundation

Peter Hillary, Mountaineer

David Holbrooke, Director of the Telluride Mountain Film Festival

Lorie Karnath, President of Explorers Club

Dean Karnazes, Ultrarunner

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Vice Chair and Chief Prosecuting Attorney of Riverkeeper/Chairman of Waterkeeper Alliance

Sven Lindblad, President of Lindblad Expeditions

Rebecca Martin, Executive Director at National Geographic Expeditions Council

Peter Miller, Expeditions Editor at National Geographic Magazine

Peter Mortimer, Producer at Sender Films

Nick Nichols, Wildlife Photographer at National Geographic

Shannon O'Donoghue, Director of Banff Mountain Film Festival

Nick Rosen, Writer-Producer at Sender Films

Richard Ruggiero, Chief of the Asian and Africa Branch of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Shannon Stowell, President of Adventure Travel Trade Association

Lonnie Thompson, Paleoclimatologist/Professor at Ohio State University

Tensie Whelan, President of Rainforest Alliance

Gordon Wiltsie, Photographer

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