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  • Picture of Ramon Navarro surfing in Fiji

    Photo Gallery: They Did It!

    Surfing the best wave, kayaking the largest rapids, free climbing the hardest mountain, landing the first sit-ski backflip, free-falling faster than sound. These are just some of the feats of this year's honorees. View the photos.

  • Picture of Renan Ozturk during the Meru Expedition

    Meet the Adventurers

    From a snowboarder advocating against climate change to an artist bringing back stories from the vertical world, these ten people are adventure innovators, each in his or her own way. Read the interviews.

  • Picture of the GoPro Wi-fi Kit

    Fall/Winter Gear of the Year

    Lighter, tougher, and smarter—that's what characterizes this season's best gear. See our 24 selections.