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  • Photo: Portrait of Edurne Pasaban

    Video: People's Choice Award

    See Spanish mountaineer Edurne Pasaban accept the 2011 People's Choice Adventurer of the Year Award.

  • Photo: Leven Brown instructs his row team on the boat

    In Their Own Words

    Discover what it was like to be on the year's most exciting adventures, from sailing the Pacific in a plastic-bottle boat to setting speed climbing records in Yosemite.

  • Photo: Jamie Mitchell seen riding a wave on his paddleboard inside curl

    Photo Gallery: They Did It!

    Allow us to introduce ten incredible individuals who made our year in adventure. View photos from their expeditions.

  • Photo: vibram-fivefingers-bikila-shoe

    Gear of the Year 2010

    These 35 outdoor gear and tech items are so extraordinarily designed, creative, or innovative, they can only be called one thing: the best.