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Mark Jenkins Reports on the Peak

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50 Years of Everest Explorers

Honoring Everest's First American Ascent

Everest Features

  • Photo: An instructor speaks with students at the Khumbu Climbing Center, Nepal.

    Khumbu Climbing Center

    Since it opened in 2003, the Khumbu Climbing Center has attracted more than 700 Nepali students and some of the world's top mountaineers as instructors.

  • Photo: Babu and Lakpa on tandem flight from the summit of Mount Everest

    Adventurers of the Year

    Your votes were counted. Presenting the 2012 Adventurers of the Year: Sano Babu Sunuwar and Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa. They climbed Everest, paraglided down, then paddled to the sea.

  • Photo: Portrait of Ed Viesturs

    Ed Viesturs: Inside Into Thin Air

    What was it like for America's preeminent mountaineer to watch his friends walk straight into disaster at 29,035 feet? A reflection on 1996, one of Mount Everest's deadliest seasons ever.

  • Photo: Basecamp at night with light trails seen moving around tents

    Is Everest on Your Bucket List?

    Do you dream of summiting Everest? How about saving thousands of dollars (and your fingers and toes) by trekking to Base Camp? Here's how.

  • Photo: Roped, American climbers make their way to South camp on Mount Everest in 1963.

    First Americans on Everest

    When Jim Whittaker was selected to be the first American atop Everest, that twist of fate would open up a world of soaring successes, bitter failures, public fame, and personal tragedy.

  • Photo: George Mallory and other early Everest climbers

    Explorer Wade Davis on His New Everest Book

    Wade Davis reveals his thoughts behind telling the full story of the Great War, Mallory, and the Conquest of Everest.

  • Photo: Climber from the first American team to climb Everest in 1963

    50 Years on Everest

    National Geographic magazine revisits the history of the mountain and its climbers.


Nat Geo Trips to Nepal

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Nat Geo Trips to Nepal

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