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Overall Score

Rating Criteria Scores

Quality of Service93.00
Spirit of Adventure90.00
Client Satisfaction100.00

Outfitter's Primary Activity

  • Adventure Cruises

Outfitter's Other Activities

  • Nature and Wildlife
  • Adventure Cruises
  • Cultural Encounters
  • Photography Adventures
  • Sailing

Bluewater Adventures


British Columbia and southeastern Alaska are the stomping grounds of this Vancouver-based sailing and small-ship cruising operator. Mornings and afternoons are spent sea kayaking and hiking through the Queen Charlotte Islands or the Great Bear Rainforest in search of humpback whales and grizzly and black bears. At night, the skipper and onboard naturalist review the day's itinerary and wildlife sightings.

New in 2009

  • Name:Yoga and wellness retreat in the Canadian Gulf Islands
  • Destination:Canada
  • Duration:5 days
  • Price:$1,361


Countries Visited

  • U.S. & Canada:Canada, United States
Photograph courtesy of Bluewater Adventures
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