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Rating Criteria Scores

Quality of Service88.50
Spirit of Adventure89.50
Client Satisfaction96.67

Outfitter's Primary Activity

  • Nature and Wildlife

Outfitter's Other Activities

  • Nature and Wildlife
  • Cultural Encounters
  • Family Adventures
  • Photography Adventures
  • Voluntourism

Amazonia Expeditions


In 1980, tropical evolutionary biologist Paul Beaver established the first jungle-survival-skills and camping outfitter in the western Amazon. Today, Amazonia Expeditions operates the only tourism facility in Peru's Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Conservation Reserve, which is known for having the greatest mammal and primate diversity of any zone studied in the Amazon—as well as 540 species of birds. Its comfortable wilderness lodge has boats, canoes, and a tree-canopy zipline.

Signature Trip: Peru Amazon Exploration; hiking, canoeing; 8 days; Peru

New in 2009

  • Name:Monkey Surveying
  • Destination:Peru
  • Duration:4 days
  • Price:$795


Countries Visited

  • Latin America:Peru
Photograph courtesy of Amazonia Expeditions
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