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Quality of Service94.00
Spirit of Adventure93.50
Client Satisfaction98.33

Outfitter's Primary Activity

  • Do-It-All

Outfitter's Other Activities

  • Nature and Wildlife
  • Adventure Cruises
  • African Safari
  • Cultural Encounters
  • Exploratory Trips
  • Family Adventures
  • Photography Adventures

Natural Habitat Adventures


2007 Review:
The idea of a wildlife safari in southern Utah might be surprising, but Natural Habitat Adventures finds a way to turn each of its itineraries into a quest to see animals in the wild. They also track grizzlies in Alaska, polar bears and orcas in Canada, pandas in China, and tigers in India. Guests stay in historic lodges in American national parks, traditional safari camps in Africa, and small lodges in Central America.

Photograph courtesy of Natural Habitat Adventures
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