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Overall Score

Rating Criteria Scores

Quality of Service93.00
Spirit of Adventure90.00
Client Satisfaction98.33

Outfitter's Primary Activity

  • Hiking/Trekking

Outfitter's Other Activities

  • Nature and Wildlife
  • Cultural Encounters

Boundless Journeys


The terrain might sound hard-core—the Tibetan Plateau, Mont Blanc, the Canadian Rockies—but the average Boundless trip tops out at three hours of moderate hiking per day. Guides lead with a spirit of spontaneity, so don't be surprised if you crash a jam session by Irish musicians or gallop an Icelandic horse along a chilly beach.

New in 2009

  • Name:Himalayan Kingdoms
  • Destination:Bhutan and Nepal
  • Duration:13 days
  • Price:$4,595


Countries Visited

    Photograph courtesy of Boundless Journeys
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