Photo: train navy seal

Students at a NavySEAL fitness immersion camp storm the beach.

Photograph courtesy of Seal Fit

By Doug Schnitzspahn

Sure, all that multisport ultratraining makes you tough. But this will make you even tougher. Since they were first formed in the early ’60s, the Navy SEAL (aka Sea, Air, and Land) units have acquired a well-deserved reputation for being the best trained military units on the planet. And it's not an easy club to join: The Navy considers the 30 weeks of SEAL training the toughest in the world.

If the idea of training at such an intense level is appealing, sign up for weeklong warrior camp with former SEALs. The course simulates real SEAL training’s “Hell Week.” It will put you through the same brutal experiences the SEALs use to prepare soldiers to suffer in the field, bond, and survive the terror of close combat. Think cranking out thousands of push-ups, learning to carry heavy logs long distances as a unit, and being perpetually covered in mud.

“We’re trying to shock these guys into reality,” says Mark Divine, a former SEAL and founder of and SEALFIT (not affiliated with the U.S. military). “We want to take them out of their comfort zone and let them understand that what they are volunteering for is not Boy Scout camp.”

The hardest part of SEAL training is not how physically demanding it is but how mentally and emotionally challenging it is to survive the week. But Divine and other SEALs who run the camps believe that if you can make it through the program, the experience will carry over to the boardroom or any of those “easy” outdoor adventure sports.

Need to Know: NavySEALs ( SEAL FIT Warrior Camp costs $1,295 for three days or consider the weeklong "SEALFIT Academy" for $4,995. The camp also offers online coaching programs and less intense fit camps.

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