Twenty of our esteemed Adventurers of the Year share the wildest dream trips they've ever had—a dazzling list of feats around the globe. For the rest of us, consider their must-do adventures—and start planning. Plus: Don't miss their top gear picks. —Jayme Moye

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Picture of Colin and Julie Angus rowing a boat

Colin and Julie Angus rowing during their trip around the world

Photograph courtesy Julie and Colin Agnus

Colin and Julie Angus

Human-Powered Adventurers

On their human-powered adventure around the world, crossing 17 countries and two oceans, Colin and Julie Angus encountered nearly every weather condition and type of terrain imaginable. Despite timing the voyage to avoid locations that were in the midst of storm season, they traveled during a year of anomalies and were hit by two hurricanes. “There’s no adventure quite like riding out a hurricane in a rowboat with your fiancée,” says Colin.

The team (which included an additional member at the start who Julie later replaced) left Vancouver on bicycles in the summer of 2004, heading north to Alaska. Once there, they rowed across the Bering Sea to Siberia, then skied and trekked their way to Moscow and on to Lisbon. Colin and Julie agree that the most challenging part of the journey was the four long months they spent rowing unsupported across the Atlantic from Portugal. When they finally arrived in Costa Rica, they were the first to row from mainland Europe to mainland North America—6,200 miles. “Then it was just a short 5,000 miles back to Vancouver,” she says.

In the end, the pair consumed 4,000 chocolate bars and 550 pounds of freeze-dried food to power their human-powered journey.


Adventurers Bio

Picture of adventurers Colin and Julie Agnus
Colin and Julie Angus

Human-Powered Adventurers

Adventure supercouple Colin and Julie Angus completed a unique human-powered journey around the planet in 2006. It took them nearly two years to row, canoe, ski, bike, and walk the 26,000 miles. They’ve collectively written five books on adventure. Last year Colin set the new record for rowing around Vancouver Island in 15.5 days. Read their Adventurers of the Year profile.

Colin and Julie Angus's Gear Pick

  • Picture of the Draw model Sundog sunglasses


    “We never leave home without our trusty Sundog glasses. Colin’s family comes from Scotland so his eyes soon fry if they’re not covered up.”