Twenty of the world’s top adventurers share the dazzling new frontiers they’ve discovered, as well as their all-time classic trips to add to your list. Plus: Don’t miss the must-have gear they take on every trip. —Kate Siber

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Picture of a man near the Gorner Glacier, Zermatt, Switzerland

A climber sits in front of the Swiss Alpine Club's (SAC) old Monte Rosa Hut on the Gorner Glacier near Zermatt, Switzerland.

Photograph by Alessandro Della Bella, Corbis

Lizzy Hawker


For centuries, farmers, shepherds, soldiers, and traders huffed up the steep faces of the Alps on a daily basis. Now, runners and trekkers reap the rewards of their efforts in the form of well-trod trails.

“The Alps in general provide a huge variety of running possibilities from which everyone can find something, from technical high-mountain trails to rolling pastures,” Hawker says. “One special trail for me is the Tour de Monte Rosa in the Pennine Alps, lying on the border of Italy and Switzerland. It encompasses diverse landscapes, from a glacier crossing to some of the ancient pathways of the Walser people, grazing pastureland to wild passes.”

Though pros like Hawker could run the 90 miles in a day or two, most travelers take their time over about ten days, staying in mountain huts and inns along the way—all the better to take in the Swiss and Italian villages and the 4,000-meter peaks that rear up out of the valleys.

A number of guide services lead treks along the Tour de Monte Rosa, such as KE Adventure.


Athlete Bio

Picture of ultrarunner Lizzy Hawker
Lizzy Hawker


Here are just a few of the things Lizzy Hawker has snagged in the world of endurance running: a women’s 24-hour road running world record for distance; a speed record for running between Everest Base Camp to Kathmandu; and five wins at the North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. In her spare time, she also got her Ph.D. in polar oceanography and ticked off seven first ascents on skis in Kyrgyzstan.

Lizzy Hawker's Gear Picks

  • Picture of the Chia Charge Flapjacks

    Running Food Chia Charge Flapjacks

    Lizzy Hawker’s clutch pick-me-up is something that is as easy to stomach as it is nutritious: Chia Charge Flapjacks. “Seeing as I prefer eating real food to gels or highly manufactured sports products, these are just great,” says Hawker. “The salt flakes give just enough balance to the sweetness, and their texture is soft enough to be able to digest during the conditions of an ultra-distance race.”