Twenty of the world's top athletes and explorers share their wildest dream trips—a dazzling list of never attempted feats daunting to even these world-class competitors. For the rest of us, consider their must-do adventures—and start planning. —Kate Siber

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Photo: Surfer inside a barrel at the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia
Surfer Brett Simpson in Indonesia's Mentawai Islands.

Photograph by Lawrence, A-Frame

Layne Beachley


A collection of islets off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, the Mentawai Islands bear the brunt of the Indian Ocean’s fury, which means one thing to surfers: a tantalizing abundance of waves.

“Every surfer, regardless of their ability, needs to do a surf trip to the Mentawai Islands,” says Layne Beachley. “There’s an enormous variety of conditions, from barrels to deep-bottomed playful waves, complemented by accommodations for all budgets and creature comforts. It is a dream adventure.”

Some surfers charter boats and cruise between surf breaks, and others stay at a resort and boat to waves daily. For either approach, simply getting to this remote archipelago is the hard part. The rest is simple: Catch waves all day, sip cocktails on the beach, eat, sleep, repeat.

Surging Waters is one of many surf charter companies in the Mentawai Islands. A ten-day surf expedition between islands costs $2,750 per person. Kandui Resort is one of many hotels in the Mentawai Islands that offers accommodations, meals, and speedboat transportation to surf breaks. Prices are about $260 per person per day.

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Photo: Layne Beachley portrait
Layne Beachley


Legendary surfer Layne Beachley made history by winning an unprecedented seven world surfing titles. Since retiring, she founded the Aim for the Stars Foundation, which offers grants to women and girls pursuing their dreams.