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Yes I am a survivor. In a hurrican in North Carolina in 82 or 83, everyone bails. I had the streets to myself. Nature will always be nature. Use commen sense. Why run from it. Hunker down and enyoy.
Posted by: Thomas Boyle
12/10/2009 01:59 PM

Every one deals with a life or death situation on a daily basis when they get behind the vehicle of a car and drive to work! You never no what the OTHER drive will do!
Posted by: Thomas Boyle
12/10/2009 01:53 PM

Surviving is man's most basic instinct. The whiner you guy's put up in Alaska was not a survior. I was disappointed in the show I watched the other night. He has a weapon, complains about no food and missing his loved ones, blah blah blah.
Posted by: Thomas Boyle
12/10/2009 01:51 PM