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It’s a moving, authentic human experience that touches the core of being…it’s incredibly courageous to do. Life is such that suffering is never possible to eliminate. Regaining that source of insight and wisdom from a difficult situation is the challenge. Goes without saying, often hard to put in practice…
Posted by: dee
16/09/2009 02:35 PM

Is the author the same Andrew McCarthy as the actor in Weekend at Bernies?
Posted by: Ralph L. Wahlert
31/08/2009 08:10 PM

This story reminded me as a facilitator of the great amount of trust we're given when parents let their children join us. There's power in completing things other wouldn't even try, so we keep doing it. But it's a hard lesson that decisions in the backcountry have very real, serious consequences. That's why it's such a powerful means to instruct experiential education.
Posted by: Lindsay Feldman
10/08/2009 11:30 PM

I picked up this magazine in the dentist office. Flipped through, checking out headlines and reading a sentence here and there, but then I landed on this article. Why that one? I don't know, but what I do know, who I did know was Katy Brain. She was a vivacious girl with a good head on her shoulders. It tore us all up to know that she was gone so young. I hope the author has found some peace. I understand his statement about thinking of her at the strangest moments, I still do too.
Posted by: Jill B
10/08/2009 09:23 PM

This story tore at me. Being a flyfisherman I have waded some tricky rivers. How could these people not have known that this part was not wadeable? They should have known better. I understand the technique they were using. Still they should have used better judgement. I have tried crossing rivers that were moving at better than 300cfms. and that nearly took me. I also wasn't carrying a 40lb pack. I hope Mr. McCarthy has found solace. I still can't get rid of the lump in my throat.
Posted by: Tedd Rose
02/08/2009 11:05 PM