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While there, stop in and visit (or stay) at Motel del Rogue (www.moteldelrogue.com)situated right on the river. Cozy cabins and friendly innkeepers - a great stay.
Posted by: alizarin
15/10/2009 09:56 AM

Consider doing it in drift boats. In my opinion, the best outfitter is Grieve Guide Service, www.keg2fish.com. Going in 3 weeks!
Posted by: Shannon Ryan
20/08/2009 12:26 AM

You might want to check your proof reading. Right in the middle of the third page is what appears to be a remnant of a different article describing the recovery of a body. Bad form!!

On a much more positive note, those of us that live on the Rogue River get to experience the magic of this place on a daily basis. Watching the beauty and wildlife of such a grand environment as each season changes is truly a blessing all should enjoy. If you want this for yourself, please drop me an email.
Posted by: Dante
10/08/2009 02:10 PM

No you could not!!!
Long live the ROGUE RIVER!!
While youre there go to Gold Beach, Oregon and check out www.jerrysroguejets.com! You will NOT be dissapointed!!
Posted by: Josh
06/08/2009 06:05 PM