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August/September edition of "Adventure" Page 32/33. The photo with the guy jumping from rock to rock. Where is ti located?

Thank you.
Posted by: Steve Stefanidis
22/10/2009 03:07 AM

RE: 0ctober 2008 (Into the Woods, pg 40-43)
Mike Fay may be a naturalist but he needs some help in his hiking skills. a.He needs to get his backpack up to the shoulder area. He’s killing his lower back. It would also help to get that camera up around his chest. b.Sandals? I don’t care who makes them but sandals are totally inappropriate. Great risk for a severe ankle injury among other things. c. Mike’s pants length is way too long.
Posted by: Ken Houston
10/10/2009 10:41 AM

I just finished reading your most recent Issue and the article by Andrew McCarthy, "Going Back in" stopped me in my tracks. What he did was courageous on so many levels and writing about it, braver still. It occurred to me, that if we all could stop and pay attention and respect the way our lives are woven together in an moment of tragedy, we would all be so much better for it. This is the business of living full, integrated lives. This is connection to our best selves. Katy would smile.
Posted by: Angela Bach
07/08/2009 08:45 AM